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I understand

Can I please remind all those involved with submitting scorecards to submit them promptly this season to avoid penalties as per rule B.19 (below)

Can I also remind those involved that should a match go unfinished or doesn't start for whatever reason then the relevant Match Secretary be informed within 48 hours also to avoid penalty.

B.19 The home team shall be responsible for submitting an electronic score card within 48 hours of completion of the match. Any delays in completing matches must be reported to the Match Secretary. 

Where a match has been decided but sets remain incomplete, result cards must be submitted showing the actual scores. Sets must not be allocated by the two captains. 

If the electronic score card is not received within 48 hours of completing the match - subject only to the provisions of Rule B10 - the home club shall be fined £5.00.

Thank you and have a great 2018 season. The committee.