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Unfortunately HEATH 2 have been withdrawn from the league as per the rules regarding walkovers.

B.21 Matches shall be decided on sets won. A match won shall count 2 points: a match drawn shall count 1 point. 

If any team in the Ladies' or Men's Leagues fails to fulfil its fixtures on 4 occasions during the season, or on 3 occasions in the Mixed League, it will be withdrawn from the League immediately; its results will be expunged from the record and the club concerned will not be allowed to re-register that team the following season unless successful on appeal to the Executive Committee. 

Sets difference shall decide the position in the division where teams have equal number of points. 

Where teams have an equal number of points and sets won, there shall be a play off if the position of either team affects promotion or relegation of the Championship. The venue and date for play-off shall be decided by the match Secretary. Any expense involved in such play-off matches shall be shared equally by both teams.