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The handicapping system will have two elements: individual handicaps for players and a club handicap based upon performance in the previous year’s KO Tournament.

Individual player handicaps

1          Each registered player will have a handicap based upon which team he/she played in the previous season.

Handicaps are as follows:

Division 1:      top 4 teams Gents, top 3 teams Ladies          -30

Division 1:      remaining teams                                                   -15

Division 2:      top 4 teams Gents, top 4 teams Ladies          -15

Division 2:      remaining teams                                                   0     

Division 3:       top 5 teams Gents, top 3 teams Ladies         0

Division 3:       remaining teams                                                  +15

Division 4:      top 4 teams Gents, top 2 teams Ladies          +15

Division 4:      remaining teams                                                   +30

Division 5 and below:                                                                   +30

2          The dividing line between top and bottom will vary depending upon the number of points scored, e.g. Men’s Division 1 top 4 teams have 20-30 points, then fifth has 16, whereas Ladies Division 4 top 2 teams have 20 and 18 and third team has 10.

3          The handicap per pair will be that of the higher ranked player, e.g. if one player has a handicap of -30 and the other -15 they will play with a handicap of -30.   Similarly a pair with +30 and +15 will play with a handicap of +15.

4          If a player has played in more than one team his/her handicap will be based on the team for which he/she played most matches.

5          The handicap of any player who did not play the previous season will be based upon the position last season of the team for which he/she is playing in the current season.

6          Should a player not play to the appropriate handicap then any sets won by him/her will be awarded to the opposition 6-0.

7          In the event of a pair playing another pair with the same handicap, i.e. the handicap is in effect cancelled out, both pairs will start at 0.

8          Teams are to be registered electronically and players’ handicaps will be assigned and available on the website.

Club Handicap

Each club will have a handicap in accordance with their performance in the previous year’s KO Tournament as follows:

Winner:                                 -10

Runner up:                           -5

Semi-finalists:                      0

Second round losers:        +5

First round losers:              +10


1       The club handicap will be cumulative each year to a maximum of +/60 but with a difference between teams not exceeding 60, eg if team A had a handicap of +40 and team B had a handicap of -55 this would mean that the match would be won by Team B before a ball was hit since the maximum number of games is 90.

2       The home team will continue to have a handicap of -4 ½.      

Please note that the Rules and Regulations governing the competition set out in the WDLTA handbook continue to apply.