It is the responsibility of the home captain to advise the away captain of any change to the day played for a fixture. Those above with more than one day offered should advise each away team in advance. At least 5 days notice should be given in this regard.



Teams comprise of 2 men and 2 women. Players partner with every member of their team in 3 doubles matches - one same sex doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Each match is simply win as many games as you can (no sets) in a timed 35mins. So the fixture lasts a couple of hours (if no interruption) and is decided by the total number of games won. Decide who is the number 1 man and lady and the scorecard will tell you who plays who.

A win gains 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points. Any team unable to bring 4 players to a fixture will concede 10 games for each match they are unable to fulfil. Any team unable to bring at least 3 players will have to concede and will also be deducted half a point. The league positions will be based on most points gained then best game difference.


Use the online scorecard facility to submit results and inform Mike Hood of any matches unfinished or not started with any proposed dates to get finished.

Team make up

Should a club have more than one team then rules for eligibility in a team apply as per the summer fixtures e.g. You can't play down in a week if you have played in a higher team that week and teams should be filled in order of ability.

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